About us

"Nothing is more musical than a sunset for who can look with emotion"

Elegant, refined, precious, of a rare beauty, like Claude Debussy’s arpeggios, that by the atmosphere and the magic of Capri, drew vocation for his Préludes. Is the nature of this enchanted island, dear to artists from all over the world, which opens the breath of life that inspires suggestions, arabesques, impressions.

This island, that makes you free, yet captures, where the view extends and intoxicates the enchantment of the place. "The painters and sculptors”, wrote Debussy in composing his Capri agreements, “capture moments of the universe's beauty. Only the musicians have the privilege to understanding the natural atmosphere and rebuild it entirely".


Rosso Caprese born from the passion for quality shoes and a long tradition of all Italian craftsmanship and style.Through the use of quality materials and high-grade and the utmost care for the aesthetics of the models, Rosso Caprese offers a collection of sandals with refined design, eye-catching and a great attention to detail.


The goal of Rosso Caprese is build new channels of communication, adapting the skills of the craft movement, the quality of Italian new aesthetic trends materials 100% without losing the meaning and importance of its historical and cultural roots, combining masterfully the know-how typical of the tradition with fashion trends and new media.